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Social Smarts

This is a jam-packed training day designed to make you a social media marketing rock star giving you all the knowledge that you need to feel confident and in control. It’s for anyone that manages a brand’s social media accounts – business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and those rocking a side hustle.

The workshops are designed to be super small with a maximum of six attendees. This gives each workshop a friendly and cooperative atmosphere and means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask more questions and adapt everything you’ll learn to your business.

No upcoming Social Smarts workshops scheduled

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Smartphone Photography Crash Course


We almost always have our phones on us and they're a fantastic way to capture a beautiful unexpected moment with your family or that stunning sunset over the beautiful Tassie landscape. But so often these photos turn out too dark, too light, blurry or just don't do the moment justice.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Assess and view the scene like a photographer so you can find the right angles, light and composition
  • Use all the functions on your phone so your photo is exposed perfectly and is clear and crisp
  • Edit your photos easily on your phone without loosing quality so you can print them later
  • Store the digital copies of your photos to treasure the memories forever or to use them elsewhere

This course is for everyone of any age, all you need is a smartphone and to know how to use the basics. It doesn't matter what phone you have as long as it's a smartphone.

Smartphone Photography Crash Course

Photography Academy: Savvy Snappers

This course is for anyone wanting to improve their photographic skills - business owners, bloggers, mad Instagrammers or happy snappers. 

The focus will be on practical skills with much of the time devoted into practising and experimenting with the theory you've just learnt.

  • Planning and constructing to meet concept, brand or online requirements

  • All about natural lighting - how to assess, manipulate and utilise it

  • Everything composing and posing - both people and objects

  • How to master a workflow that makes you more efficient and organised

  • Getting comfortable with post-processing and editing techniques

Squawk Digital Photography Workshop

COMING SOON - Creating Content

It's the visuals that stop people scrolling on past your content. This workshop gives you the photography know-how to shoot and edit slick looking images, create graphical content from scratch &  make stunning videos that will make your brand stand out

You'll learn the theory behind content creation, the do's and don'ts and tips that will save you time and make you money.