Social media marketing strategy, training & coaching

Social media is not only about #selfies (unless your surname is Kardashian), its about communicating with your customer-base, reaching your dream clients & showing off your brand personality and vibe.

It’s more than just posting - through balancing all the elements (content, copy a great social media strategy is a win-win for customers & for your bottom line.

Strategy & Consulting.

Talk to us about creating a content strategy for your business that will grab the attention of your dream customers, or get us to develop a complete social media marketing strategy that makes social media a serious asset for your business growth.

Social Media Training & Coaching.

If you’re taking your social media management in-house or want to level up your own skills we can develop a banging training program that customised to your skill set and business.


Social media audit.

This is perfect if you love doing your own social media marketing but want to confirm you’re doing all you can or perhaps you’re not getting the growth or sales you need.

We’ll get down into the nitty gritty of when, how, where and why you post, celebrate the stuff your nailing and give some constructive advice on what you need to tighten up, add in or get rid off.


Custom hashtag research.

A single hashtag can increase how many people see your content by as much as 18%.

But for hashtags to work they need to be right for your business & been seen by your target audience (dream customers)

We’ll take into account your industry, products and what sets you apart and makes you exciting to your customer base.


Content strategy.

Finding content, knowing what to talk about and feeling like you’re not repeating yourself all the time is a big struggle on social media.

We’ll develop a content strategy that attracts followers that convert into real customers & gives you a wealth of post ideas.

You'll find it so easy to post and plan with this baby.


The complete social media report.

Think of this as everything from column A, B and C plus a lot of extras. We will create an entirely new social media strategy for you that will be based on -

  • your current social media activity (what’s working & ditching the stuff that’s not)

  • your long and short term business goals

  • your other online marketing activity including blogging, emails and advertisements

  • Your industry, target audience and their online behaviour and any outside influences (social, political, etc)

  • What sets your brand and product apart and makes you stand out


Social media coaching & training.

As business’ social media is not the same as our personal one - the functions, purpose and even the interface is entirely different. Which is why we offer fully custom social media training to upskill or retrain in-house social media account managers.

For a lot of businesses it makes sense to keep your social media management in-house but the staff that get the responsibility are picked from necessity and whilst they might personally love or use social media they rarely have the knowledge or experience.

This training is customised to the skills of the individual, the business and industry - basically you’re not wasting your money or time paying for irrelevant or unnecessary training!