What we do.

We're all about custom solutions that are highly practical and designed to work with your current structure, processes and workflows. We don't do cookie-cutter, boring arse generic marketing because it doesn't work - you, me and everyone is so bored with that shit they don't even notice it anymore.

If you don't see something below shoot me an email and if I don't or can't do it I'll do my darndest to find the best fit for you. 


Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

Even your Mama couldn't tell you outsourced your social media!

Social media is more than posting – strategy, attentions and work needs to go into it to make sure it’s doing all the good things that it can do for your business.

  • We’ll chat about everything your business, products, customers and goals (even your big scary wish list) so I can create a banging marketing strategy that will grow your business

  • Strong content strategy focusing on the right content, channels and tactics for your business and to target potential customers.

  • Tweaks and adjustments made to the strategy based on current trends, application or legal changes and account performance.

  • Get monthly reports detailing performance, trends and ROI so you’re always in the know

  • With social media management you’ll get regular posts targeted to be seen by your following and encourage engagement.

  • A trained professional will reach out engaged, respond and connect with your following and potential followers in order to grow your brand and convert followers to customers.

  • You’ll save tens of thousands when compared to hiring a new staff member to manage your marketing full-time and you won’t have to provide me with a desk and a car park!

From $150 a week


Digital Marketing Consultant

A bit stuck and need my brain? Lucky for you I hire it out.

I can work with as a consultant to help you with pretty much anything digital marketing and social media – campaigns, strategy, training or everything.

This is all about bespoke solutions, great workflows and excellent campaigns working together to smash your business goals, build your customer base and grow your business.

  • Create content strategies on what to post, when to post it and what to say when you do post.

  • Train you in the glory that is social media scheduling, how to plan, creating a workflow and planner that works and understanding what to post and when it should go live.

  • Establishing a strong brand identity and brand voice that sets you apart from the riff-raff.

  • Got heaps of followers but no engagement or sales? Let’s fix that!

  • Set everything up and asking “well, now what?” – create a game plan and give the skills to know what’s what and when do move your business up.

  • Learn why the numbers are incredibly important, how to read the matrix and what you should care about with your businesses insights.

Prices are job and project dependent so contact me a chat and a quote


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Open it and they shall come... nope! That's not how a website works.

 A little bit of thought, strategy and process is needed so people, and by ‘people’ we mean Google, know you have a website and tell everyone about it. Get an SEO health check with a detailed report & strategy that gives you recommended changes and points of focus.

  • High-quality, professional photographic images produced to a brief

  • Images supplied as digital copy

  • Provided in the required resolutions for each specified social media channel

From $149

* Depending on your website platform these changes can be implemented for an additional fee. 


Workshops & 1-1 Training

Up-skill and become the ninja you know you are inside

Don’t think boring, stuffy lecture-style workshops that send everyone to sleep and require copious amounts of coffee. We provide communal, conversational workshops with a strong emphasis on fun and learning the practical skills, relevant to your business and can be applied as soon as you leave.

  • Bespoke in-house workshops that focus on the digital marketing & social media skills, platforms and tactics that your business needs

  • A focus on highly practical and relevance to your customers, industry and business – we don’t simply pull information from a textbook and regurgitate it.

  • Anything digital marketing is available – SEO, advertising, processes and workflow, metrics and ROI, social media marketing, strategy right through to “I don’t know! Please help!!” *actual customer quote

  • All training materials will be provided including cheat sheets and catering

  • Learn from a facilitator with 5 years experience providing workshops and over 7 years experience in social media and digital marketing

From $99


Paid Campaigns (advertising)

Get your brand heard over the cacophony

Laser targeting and a fine-tuned campaign will make sure you’re not wasting your precious cash advertising to people who couldn’t give a flying you-know-what. I’ll create and monitor an advertising campaign that runs on the Socials or Google and stays within your budget - because the dollars count y'all.

  • First, we’ll have a chat about your business, your hopes, dreams and wish list for this campaign, your customers and everything that makes your business unique so I can truly create the most kick arse campaign just for you

  • I’ll create a campaign that targets your perfect customer – someone that will love and buy your product – and then release it into the wild and monitor it to make sure it’s working as hard as it can

  • Provide you with a detailed report at the end of the campaign that provides details on ROI and performance.

  • Lastly you’ll save time and money because you won’t be fiddling around learning or spending money on the campaign targeting the wrong people

From $129 (+ campaign budget)


Email Marketing

Don't believe the internet - email is not dead

Email can be a phenomenally effective way of connecting with your customers, treating them like the VIPs they are and providing you with an engaged platform.

But you do need to hone your skills so your emails are opened, read and the links clicked. 

  • Provide a report on your current email marketing strategy and any potential roadblocks or missed opportunities to help increase conversation and open rates.

  • Provide a strategy that strives towards your business goals, works in conjunction with your other marketing strategy and channels and grows your mailing list.

  • Complete a health check of your subscriber list and provide suggested opportunities to grow your list

  • Provide tactics to maintain and engaged list that continues to convert

  • Create automated email campaigns including email content and copy to be sent out as per strategy

From $99