Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You can have a cracking website, it could look a million-dollars, it could do an amazing job at explaining your business but if you’ve done little, or no SEO-work it’s not going to attract customers.

Your website needs to be introduced to Google and all the pre-work needs to be done to make sure your website and Google are speaking the same language and are 100% compatible.

Then once they’ve been introduced someone needs to keep checking in to make sure nothing gets between what will be a beautiful, successful relationship.

Yes - basically I’m a high-class website matchmaker…you’ll notice I said ‘high-class’.


SEO Audit

We’ll take a look over your website - what’s working and what’s not and make a list of recommendations.

This isn’t general - we’ll get to know your long & short business goals & industry first, so all the recommendations are ones that help you smash your goals.


Keyword Report

This is all about ensuring that your website comes up in the right search results.

We’ll do a deep-dive into potential customer search history, your industry and the most effective phrases & words that will make sure your products or services appear in the search results of your dream customers


The lot

I’ll do all the work for you - all 1001 things required so your website starts to rank higher in Google results.

It’s more than just keywords or sweet talking Google - and we’ll optimise it all.

As part of this process you’ll receive a report detailing your keywords but also an action plan to help you continue to climb.


Why is SEO important?

I could bang on & preach the incredible benefits of SEO but it’s easier instead to tell you a story.

Let’s say perhaps you opened an amazing restaurant. You’ve been working on it for months and it’s your dream. You’ve ticked all the boxes - the food is scrummy, it looks the a million dollars and the soap in the bathrooms is heavenly.

But it’s in the middle of the bush and there’s just a dirt road leading to it. No street signs, no lights. Nothing.

Of course your friends and family visit - because they love and support you. And they know all about it because you’ve been telling them excitedly all about your adventure building this restaurant for months. But no one else comes knocking.

This is website without SEO - just because you built it doesn’t mean they will come.

Doing absolute basic SEO is like having a small sign at the end of your dirt road. Getting me to come in and build a banging SEO strategy and do all the work is light getting flashing neon signs and a great big Luna Park mouth at the end of your street that no one is going to miss

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93% of online activity starts with a search engine