All the hashtags you need as a Tasmanian small business.

I previously posting an article on all the Instagram hashtags relevant to Hobart that generate enough traffic to make it worthwhile for a business to use them. This time I want to share some hashtags that are for all around beautiful Tasmania.


Now there are lots and lots of them and they’re for all different things – design, art, tourism, photography and the amazing Tassie lifestyle. When you’re selecting or finding the right hashtags for your content or your brand think laterally about where your business sits in the wider industry and where your customers might come from. For example, a café in Devonport or St Helens is not technically selling a tourism product but they are relevant to tourists who may be searching via a tourist hashtag like #discovertasmania.


This list has been limited to hashtags that receive enough traffic that makes it worthwhile for a business to use it in order to increase their brand’s reach or overall post engagement on Instagram. There is no point in a brand using a hashtag that has been used 150 times in the last 4 years – which is why not all hashtags are included in the list. The other reason some are missing is because I didn’t find them, know of them or just plain missed them – if you think this is the case, comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

The hashtags are in a neat little PDF.

It’s important that you keep on top of what’s currently trending for your area and with your customers, hashtags do move in trends and if you blindly keep using the same ones without giving them a quick health check the crowd will have moved on and you’ll be left behind again. Don’t stress though, hashtag research and staying on top of location trends is not that hard to do – in fact you could easily do it whilst you wait for Netflix to load (the NBN situation is both funny and not funny).


This is by no means a comprehensive list, it’s particularly difficult for me to try and capture all the Tasmanian industry related hashtags – as there are so many and my brain just can’t possibly count them all. That said, I tried my best to capture the industries that are most represented on Instagram – if you think I’ve missed a few big ones (I don’t doubt it!) but pop them in the comments below.

The more we promote Tassie businesses and brand Tasmania the better off we all are - are you with me?!

Finally it’s in all our best interests to be absolute guns at digitally marketing our businesses and to put community well above competition (#communityovercompetition if you were interested 😉) so don’t be shy and share this list with your mates, colleagues and “competitors”. The more we promote Tassie businesses and brand Tasmania the better off we all are - are you with me?!

Who are you & why are you giving me all this awesome help?

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