Email marketing is the most underrated weapon in your arsenal.

Email marketing is not dead, in fact it’s one of the biggest, fastest, most bad ass weapons in your arsenal.

“Email is dead!”

”Email is soooo 2005”

”Everything is all about social media now”

I hear things like this a lot from clients and see it a lot on blogs and the internets. The thing is, its utter bullshit.


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Email is not dead – it never was. It’s evolved and sure it’s no longer the Hulk-style wall crushing powerhouse it used to be, but that’s an expected evolution that happens with all channels (hello social media!). It would also be stupid to sit here and refute that email was soooo 2005 because email been slaying the marketing game for years – but girl she ain’t done yet.

And finally, social media didn’t kill email, social media just provided a different communication channel for customers and a different way for businesses to showcase their brand and products.


My guess is that about 63.8%* are reading this in disbelief because in the last year you read 3 blogs from marketers similar to me who probably told you to focus on social media and SEO.

*completed fabricated statistic

Both SEO and social media are powerful and effective ways of connecting with your audience and growing your brand, but email marketing has some incredibly powerful elements that SEO and social media don’t.


Look not focusing on email might be the best advice for your business but it isn’t true for all customers and all businesses so before I get stuck into telling you why email is just as incredible as SEO and social media let me cite some bombass sources like a first-year uni student to prove how right I really am.


Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media
— McKinsey & company
Email has a stupidly high ROI with $32 returned for every $1
— DMA, 2018
Buying process is 3 times faster than social media
— McKinsey & company
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So, let’s focus on some specific elements of email marketing that will make you realise you need to add it to your digital marketing strategy and focus on building your email list.



Like social media there are both free and paid email marketing options for you, but don’t feel like you have to or should go with a paid option as you can absolutely start off by not paying a cent.

Mailchimp has to be one of the biggest free email services and because of this there are a heaps of easy to use, heaven-sent integrations. Making it about 100,000 times easier to set it up and get it working with your current online platforms (Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify).

When you’re deciding which email marketing service you will pick, consider where you’ll be in six months, one year and five years and how much your email requirements will change. Like a website platform, it’s not impossible to move companies if you need to, but it is a pain in the arse and best avoided if you can.



0.5%-5% of your followers will see your content

It is estimated that for everything you post on Facebook and Instagram roughly 0.5%-5% of your followers will see your content; this is an average, estimate and doesn’t apply to all accounts as industry, brand and engagement will affect this (so don’t get all up in my grill m’kay.

The statistics say that on average 20.81% of the people you send an email to will open it (Mailchimp, March 2018). I’ve personally found this number to be significantly higher.

That’s at least 4 x more people!

4 times more people will see the content you’ve taken time to produce, your new product, your sale or your promotion.

That’s a 4 x better chance of achieving your goals and smashing some targets. Not bad, hey?


You’ve heard this statistic about 1,678,000* times before but its pretty darn true - its cheaper to maintain an existing customer than source a new one.

*another fabricated statistic but probably closer to actually being correct

But I think a lot of chatter and focus when it comes to social media is about getting bigger, getting more followers, more likes.

Email marketing is a powerhouse when it comes to retaining and maintaining customer loyalty. You have so much control on who, how and when you contact people and how personalised you can be that you can create highly sophisticated targeted campaigns to remain valuable to an existing client/customer or motivate a purchase.


Just you and me baby

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Email allows you true one to one communication. Everything we do as businesses is all about trying to connect with the customer in order to provide them a better and more personalised experience.

Bam! 💥 Here it is.

You are speaking directly to that person, there’s no pretending – they signed up, you’ve sent an email to them and it’s currently in their mailbox. Your tone, language and methods to motivate an action from them can be different to social media where you’re trying to speak with one, but you’re confined by the public forum.

Even better your email marketing service can help you make each email even more personal with tools like segmentation and merge tags. So get going and double down on that personalisastion.



People are a little more inclined to give you more of their time when you’re in their inbox compared to when they’re scrolling through their feed.

You can talk for longer, you can send magazine style sales brochures, you can send tutorial videos, or you can send a brief text only email.

This gives you a lot more freedom to think about how to present the information, how much information to present and how you motivate them to engage with your call to action.

  • First things first, sit down and work out a little digital marketing plan and figure out if email will connect with your audience and add value

  • Have a look around at the different email marketing services to find out which one is for you. If you’re totally stuck ask your biz buddies their opinions and what they use.

  • Get some help and advice from a digital marketer about what types of emails to send, how to send them, when to send them and how often. If you’re an Aussie biz I can help you with that 😉

Who are you & why are you giving me all this awesome help?

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