The Coaching Series sessions are all one-on-one with all the time focused on you so you have plenty of time to adapt the skills you’re learning to your business and make sure you fully understand it.

The sessions are designed to be highly practical and skill-based so that you can immediately apply your learnings each week.

These are not boring, stuffy and awkward lectures. It’s relaxed, fun and jam packed with skills that you will find invaluable.

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Understanding social media marketing.

This series teaches you how to set your business apart so it stands out, what to post and what to say when your dream clients come knocking & finally how to grow your business the way you want.

The content will be highly practical and focused on skills so you can hit the ground running. Plus you have me to yourself, so there’s plenty of time for you to ask questions and adapt what you’ve learnt to your business.

4 hour long sessions held fortnightly over two months either in person or over Skype (if you’re not based in Hobart)

You’ll receive lots of cheat sheets and resources to help you implement what you’ve learnt.

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Mastering social media marketing.

This series will make you an absolute master of your social media marketing. We’ll cover everything mentioned in ‘understanding social media marketing’ but you will also get a crash course on how to effectively sell your business without feeling dirty or uncomfortable, time saving processes that will give you back hours of your week and how to not only understand the numbers but truly love them. And finally some strategies that will mean you’ll never worry about those pesky algorithms again! 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

We will also focus on how to create a strategy that can adapt as your business grows and clearly defines what success looks like to you.

This is 8 sessions held fortnightly over four months either in person or over Skype (if you’re not in Hobart). You’ll also get access to Millie for questions in between our catch ups.

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Getting found for all the right reasons.

Zero SEO is like opening your business in the middle of the bush off a road without any signs. You’re standing waiting for the hordes of people that will love your business but nobody knows who or where you are 😥.

If you have low traffic, or lots of traffic but nobody is buying this is the series for you.

This series will give you SEO skills to help dream clients find your business & drive them to your site, help you move up the Google search rankings and decipher the mystery of what you rank for & what’s driving traffic.

3 fortnightly sessions either in person or over Skype (if you’re not in Hobart).

Please Note: You need to have administrator access to your website and understand how to edit it


Loving Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is this incredibly powerful tool that can tell you so much about your customers, your business and your website.

It’s entirely free and if you have a website you should 100% be comfortable with it.

This series will tell you where you can get the data to find your biggest traffic drivers, the keywords that are working for you or if there’s something with your website that’s turning people away. This is honestly about 1% of what you can find out on Google Analytics, I’ll give you the skills to learn the other 99%.

This series is 3 hour long sessions held once a fortnight either in person or over Skype (if you’re not in Hobart).


If you’d like some more information on one or more of the above coaching series pop just get in contact via one of the below options and we’ll send out some information on what exactly will be covered and the investment needed.

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