We’re a digital marketing consulting, strategy and management studio, working with innovative & rebellious businesses who are all about engaging and exciting their customers by doing the unexpected, being trendsetters or flipping the bird to convention.

It’s not about being recklessly rebellious - its about making a calculated and creative decision recognising that your potential customers are bored with the status quo. That the same old marketing strategies and tactics just don’t work anymore.

We specialise in helping businesses get attention for all the right reasons via Search Engine Optimisation (getting found on Google), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Online Paid Advertising (PPC). To get an idea of the kind of services we offer visit our Services page.

I just found you - how do I know you’re not full of it?

Well, we could tell you that we’re not axe murderers - but that’s exactly what an axe murderer would say 🔪

Instead of us telling you we’re great, we like to let the numbers and our clients do the talking for us 👇

 👇 Still not sure about us? Book a free 15 minute chat #noharmnofoul 👇

Well that’s all great but why should I pick you?

Squawk Digital is run on the values of honesty, fun and generosity. We don’t lie or inflate our skills, if we tell you work will be done it will be done on time and you’re not going to need to find the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin to pay for work.

We’re not crazy marketing dictators who storm into your business, give you a mountain of tasks, drop mic and walk out.

Instead we work with you to understand how your business works and what you truly want to get out of marketing. All recommendations or strategies are designed to fit perfectly with your current processes and budget, and how much available time you or your staff have to focus on marketing.