Millie Walker | Digital Marketing Tasmania | Squawk Digital

Millie Walker.

Qualifications & Experience.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography from the University of Tasmania (UTAS)

  • Diploma of Digital Marketing from the internationally recognised Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

  • Over seven years experience working in social media, digital marketing and online communications

  • Over five years experience with corporate coaching, business improvement techniques and training

Millie is passionate about helping businesses use digital marketing tactics to smash their business goals and grow their business. When she’s working on those businesses, they’re just as important as Squawk Digital.

She also gets a real kick out of empowering business owners through workshops, coaching, Digital Ready and the various speaking gigs she’s asked to attend.

She’s a big believer in using available technologies and best practices to develop strategies and systems to develop a custom strategy each businesses unique requirements rather than the old school approach of forcing a wooden block into a triangle shaped hole.

Millie just loves digital marketing - it’s all numbers, trends and creative thinking. In short, she is a bit of a marketing nerd.