Socials done right. workshop series

Growing your business using Facebook & Instagram


You know you need to be on social media and you hear all these incredible stories about how Instagram and Facebook have flipped other people’s businesses on their heads. But you have no idea what to post, what to say, how to reach your dream customers or how to turn all those followers into real customers.

This workshop series is all about giving you the practical skills to confidently grow and build your business on Instagram or Facebook, to attract your dream customer and to save time in the process. Each fortnight you’ll apply what you’ve learned to your business and walk away immediately understanding what you’re doing and why.

We’ve spread the workshop over four one-hour sessions every fortnight to make it manageable chunks that you can master and avoid overwhelm. The workshops are super practical, casual and fun with snacks, drinks and plenty of chances to meet and chat with other kickass businesses.

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What’s covered…

Plan it.

A plan makes your cash, time and effort work hard. It gets the most out of those limited resources as you’ll have a clear path and you know what your biggest return on those investments will be.

This process will get you to define what success looks like for you and you’ll set clear, defined steps for how to get there. These steps will make the most of your time, target your dream customer and be 100% customised to your business.

Working without a plan might work in the short time (hell, we’ve all been there) but in the long term it makes for aimless wandering with goals and success taking longer. And this course is all about getting you closer to success.

Posting with Purpose.

“ What am I going to post?!” This is a roadblock I hear all the time. And I mean all the time.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a seemingly endless list of content ideas that you know your followers will love? And not just content for Instagram and Facebook either – blogs, YouTube videos, whitepapers and freebies as well.

You’ll learn the framework that defines the content that you can be confident your followers will engage with, will attract your dream customer and be a true reflection of your brand and it’s values.


Making Dream Customers, Real Customers.

You may have heard whisperings that it’s possible for a portion of your business to come directly from Instagram or Facebook. It’s that little urban myth that makes it’s way around groups, podcasts and networking events.

We’ll bust that myth out in the open and talk about how to convert followers into customers. The work you’ve done in previous sessions will help you create a custom strategy that’s perfect for your biz.

And because you’ll be creating this strategy from scratch you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to amend it or create an all new one in future.

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The Numbers

The numbers tell you everything you need to know about your dream customer, your product line, where your business sits in the industry, and most importantly, if you’re hitting your markers of success.

We’ll focus on making this jumble of data make sense, I’ll be honest about the stuff you might want to ignore and you’ll learn what you should do with all this info now you have it.

You’ll walk away with the skills to determine if your biz is getting a return on your investment, what’s working and what’s not and how to read the numbers to identify real-life trends.

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All the details.

  • Four part series held every fortnight over eight weeks

  • You will get handouts and learning materials each week to help you remember the nitty gritty

  • Each session you’ll have a real-world task to complete to put into practice what you’ve learnt

  • Workshops are not strict lecture series and won’t be recorded

  • Drinks + nibbles will be provided

  • The workshops run for 60 minutes with 30 minutes after for questions + getting to know the other business owners


Total investment for all four sessions is $300 - only $75 each


Why should I invest my hard earned cash in this?

  • You’ll get skills, not just theory, on how to market your business on Facebook & Instagram from someone with over five years experience in social media, qualifications in digital marketing and seven years experience coaching and training in all things social media and online communication.

  • You’ll be learning skills not just theory and you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to apply your new skills to your business and how to do it. Each session you’ll complete a practical task that has a 100% immediate practical application in your business.

  • You’ll learn exactly who your dream customer is, how to speak their language & how to get them to go from being a dream customer to an actual real customer!

  • You’ll no longer be stressed, anxious or worried about what to say or post because you’ll have a clear plan and know exactly where you’re heading

  • You’re going to be saving lots of time working smarter rather than harder with smart processes, automation and clever tricks.

  • You’ll have a new found confidence and direction in why you’re on social media, what you’re doing and what you might need to change if stuff doesn’t go exactly to plan


This isn’t for you if….

  • You’re at the very beginning of learning how to use Facebook or Instagram. No judgement on your mad tech skills but there will be some presumed knowledge and expected competency - I’d hate for anyone to feel like they’re not getting their money's worth or are being left behind. I recommend joining the mailing list to find out when the next workshop is once you’ve built up your skills.

  • Aren’t currently set up on Facebook or Instagram, see previous point 👆 for why this isn’t for you.

  • You’re looking for specific information on social channels other than Instagram or Facebook (like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, TripAdvisor, etc). I’ve made this workshop series pretty darn specific. It doesn’t mean that I won’t run other workshops focusing on any other social channels so make sure you sign up to mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops.

  • Previously attended my Social Smarts full-day workshop - you’ll find this one a little bit repetitive and a total snooze fest.

But Google is free, why pay you?

Sure can you can search Google and you will get fifty million articles, blogs or guides (give or take a few hundred thousand) giving you a bunch of information about social media, sales, marketing, customers and promotional tactics.

Let’s face it, on it’s best day this information conflicts with others, is hardly ever written for the Australian market, rarely tells you how to apply the theory and is usually produced by a company wanting you to purchase their product so it’s subjective at best. On the worst day it’s full of jargon, completely incorrect and overwhelms to the point of inaction.

What you’re paying for with this workshop is the opportunity for an expert to break down the information into the most important elements for you, to explain it in a way that you’ll understand and give you the steps (and gentle push) needed to apply it immediately to your business.


It’s a big investment for me!

I’ve designed these workshops for micro and small businesses - this is why they’re held in the evenings, are shorter and spread over fortnights and finally, this price. I wanted it to be something that most small businesses could afford to do because I genuinely know you could do amazing things with these social media skills.

Even still after all that, I get that we’re all at different stages of our biz and this might be too much of an investment for you right now. If that’s the case you can -

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